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I believe that conventional rules aren’t necessarily to be followed in every instance. The way one carries or presents themselves can overcome conventional theories of whether a certain hair style relates to face shape, forehead length, or perceived flaws to be hidden. If you want bangs or short hair, go for it. You are beautiful. You are powerful. You deserve a hairstyle that reflects that.

My style could best be described as a marriage of structural and free form. With experience in architecture, I appreciate defined lines and definitive weight distribution. As a musician, I love shattering the norms with a fun twist on classic shapes. Classic never goes out of style. It is the vision to bring the classics into the present that is the key to creativity.

I love people. Getting to know you and your unique perspective on life is the foundation to creating your specific look. I love short sassy hair on women because I feel that it takes a certain level of sensuality and mystique to pull off. I also love redefining the geriatric views on men’s styling and educating men on the countless options that are available and attainable this day and age. Men have been the overlooked demographic in this industry and I strive to change that.