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I started on this career path in 2001, after spending my entire life in my aunt’s Salon, and quickly learned that this trade is my true passion and art form!

I’ve realized that what I do can have a major impact on a person’s confidence, attitude, and overall well-being. This changed me. It’s extremely powerful, humbling, and flattering. Working in this industry fills me with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and appreciation.

After graduating cosmetology school, I studied under a barber who had been in the industry 40 years, and learned a lot of my men’s cutting techniques through him. I then, went on to get certifications in many other aspects of my field, some include Schwarzkopf’s “Blonde Me”, Deva Cut, and Aveda’s pureform cutting classes. I really am well versed in all areas of my craft, and have worked hard to improve areas that have needed attention over the years. I truly enjoy funky cuts and color, but can also give a conservative look, depending on your desires.